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Jessica Date Yoga

On our mat, here in The Studio at Tree of Life Integral Centre, we start to meet our challenges and obstacles as our own reflections, aversions, desires and fears manifesting through the body, into the present moment.


Hi there, Jessica here. 

I am a Yoga Practitioner, Integral Energetics facilitator and holistic practitioner specialising in nervous system based health.

With a unique and traditional style of Yoga, which I have studied at Atmavikasa Centre of Yogic Science in Mysore, India.

Also spending the last 3 years studying under Tree of Life Integral Centre locally here in Kew. 





The teaching and methodology of everything I have in my life toolbox are focused around mind, body and the breath. Inspiring people to start or deepen their journey in healing themselves.


With the main intention to take students beyond the studio and their mat to integrate the practice within their life. Achieving a consistent and mindful practice which will naturally result in enhanced health, vitality, clarity and emotional balance.

The aim is that the student reaches excellence in mind and body on their own without the aid of a teacher.


integral energetics

Integral Energetics (IE) is a multi faceted modality based around relaxing and balancing the nervous system as the first point of reference.


A balanced and integrated nervous system allows for easier breathing, a fluid flexible spine, increased vitality and wellness, and a deeper and more fully conscious connection to the self, others and life. 

IE is a field of knowledge and a process of experiential learning that recognises the relationship between mind, body and spirit.

IE embraces the wholeness of the human being across the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual domains. 

IE sessions are performed using precise light contacts on the body and in the energetic field around the physical body.

emphasis on self practice - hatha yoga

The approach here is to minimise the use of adjustments, props and comparing yourself to either the instructor or other students around you. 

We are moving towards creating a trait shift rather than a state shift. 

Creating enduring a lasting habits or traits. 

This is best approached via one on one sessions to create a unique program that suits the individuals needs, expectations and realistic accountability with ones self. 


Studying in this way implies taking your Yoga practice beyond the classroom and integrating it within your life. We help the students achieve a consistent and mindful practice that results in enhanced health, vitality, clarity and emotional balance.  

A Yoga practices may in fact seem to begin with the body - but the transformations are much deeper. Each of the techniques that we teach, aims at amplifying the natural healing intelligence that is already present.

Teaching us the value of emotional stability and prioritising the present moment.

Thus being able to identify our limitations and create the courage to cross them with care.


Overall giving us a sense of stillness and calmness.