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This slow and focused practice enhances your ability to feel your spine and breathe through areas of tension. With an increased body awareness allows you to achieve more sustainable and efficient results.

Our focus point is to keep the postures simple and repetitive, rather than an overly dynamic practice, allowing you to notice and become aware of the adjustments throughout the mind and the body over time.

On our mat, here in The Studio at Tree of Life Integral Centre, we start to meet our challenges and obstacles as our own reflections, aversions, desires and fears manifesting through the body, into the present moment. It allows us to engage a process of integration, becoming inquisitive instead of judgmental. We become our own kind and wise observer.

This intimate class is designed both for those who are new to the yoga practice, and also seasoned practitioners. It will deepen your practice and challenge your stamina, mental clarity, patience and self compassion.

The slow movement between postures cultivates focus, building on breath awareness and mindfulness. The holding of traditional yoga poses helps detoxify, build strength and conditioning of the body and mind.

Benefits include:

  • a steady and consistent yoga practice

  • results which run much deeper than the strengthening of the body

  • build a strong sense of will, determination and tenacity

  • enhancing and building a restful mind and unbreakable spirit

  • building and eventually sustaining enduring traits

  • building an awareness of the subtle energies within the body and around us

  • most importantly you will walk away with an appreciation of the beauty and extreme importance of self-practice, inviting the strength of healing to come from within.




Jessica Date is a professional Yoga teacher with a unique and traditional style of which she has studied at Atmavikasa Centre of Yogic Science in Mysore, India. 

The teaching and methodology is focused around mind, body and the breath. Inspiring people to start or deepen their journey in healing themselves. With the main intention to take students beyond the studio and integrate the practice within their life. Achieving a consistent and mindful practice which will naturally result in enhanced health, vitality, healing, clarity and emotional balance.


Jess strives to keep the practice pure, without use of props and mindful minimal physical adjustments. This way the postures and practice will organically bloom from within the student. Adjusting the mind rather than the physical body, so that eventually the mind will master the body and overcome fears/anxiety/pain/tension.


By using repetitive and simple yoga principals you will build a solid foundation in the mind and body, introducing the discipline and beauty of self-practice, inviting the strength of healing to come from within.

The aim is that the student reaches excellence in mind and body on their own without the aid of a teacher.​



Jess transformed my experience and practice of Yoga. She was the first teacher I met who guided me to learning about the true practice of Yoga, an ancient practice far beyond physical asana and by doing so it was a magical pivotal moment for me. It was the beginning moment of changing my life, which now includes daily Yoga and meditation and I’m beyond grateful for having met such an incredible teacher, and soul. She is a humble, radiant and powerful teacher - her classes take you deep within and you experience Yoga far beyond the poses. Life changing stuff.


Jess’s classes are beautiful. They are focused on form, breathing, alignment and flow. She has a wonderful energy. I leave feeling I’ve worked my whole body and mind. Love!!!!


Practicing yoga at the Tree is an essential part of my self care. Jess’s class is a moving form of meditation. Her class allows you to be present with yourself and gives you a great understanding of your body’s alignment and form. Such a beautiful practice in an intimate serene setting with a nurturing and knowledgeable teacher. Highly recommend!


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