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integral energetics

what is ie?

Integral Energetics (IE) is a multi faceted modality based around balancing the nervous system as the first point of reference.


A balanced and integrated nervous system allows for easier breathing, a fluid flexible spine, inner harmony and calmness, and a deeper and more fully conscious connection to the self, others and life. 

IE is a field of knowledge and a process of experiential learning that recognises the relationship between mind, body and spirit.

IE embraces the wholeness of the human being across the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual domains. 

IE sessions are performed using precise light contacts on the body and in the energetic field around the physical body.

what is the intention of these sessions?


To invite a facilitation of the whole system integrating all the parts of ourselves and potentially produce outcomes that include:

Flexibility – increase in physical, emotional and mental flexibility. 

Adaptability – increased ability to adapt to change.

Coherence – unified wholeness and improved resilience of self. 

Energy  – increased levels of vitality for living.

Stability – a greater internal sense of safety, trust and presence.

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are my sessions private?

Unless specifically requested, usually the sessions happen in a group room because we find it accelerates your progress. In the room you may hear and sense other people. Remain present with your own process, noticing changes to your breathing, movement and awareness. 

how does it work?

Initially your first IE session is 60 minutes and is one-on-one with the Jess. This allows for a comprehensive assessment of your unique case history. 

Your following IE sessions usually last for around 20 - 40 minutes. During the sessions you will lie face down on the table, fully-clothed.

You will experience a series of specific light contacts along the length of your spine.


These specific contacts illicit a response from your nervous system to relinquish its defence tension and move from a default habit of bracing and defending, towards one of ease and movement.

what should you do while having a session?

It’s best during a session to remain in a relaxed but aware state, noticing what is happening in your spine and with your breathing.


Allow your body to respond and move as it wants to, your body wants to relinquish its tension and learn a more efficient way of organising its energy.

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