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Integrated Self Practice 5 day Intensive          Seasonal Yoga Programs 2021


*Currently suspended due to COVID-19 resistrictions in place in Naarm, Melbourne.

Cost $165.00



AUTUMN 1 15-19 March - NA complete 

AUTUMN 2  26-30 April - NA complete 


WINTER 1  7-11 June - NA complete 

WINTER 2  26-30 July - NA 


SPRING 1  6-10 September - dependant on restrictions

SPRING 2  25-29 October


SUMMER 1 6-10 December

Limited numbers to keep workshop size small and unique to the individuals needs

The approach here is to minimise the use of adjustments, props and comparing yourself to either the instructor or other students around you. 

We are inviting moving towards creating a trait shift rather than a state shift. 

Creating enduring a lasting habits or traits. 

This is best approached via one on one sessions to create a unique program that suits the individuals needs, expectations and realistic accountability with ones self. 


Studying in this way implies taking your Yoga practice beyond the session and integrating it within your life. Jess helps participants achieve a consistent and mindful practice that results in enhanced health, vitality, clarity and emotional balance.  

A Yoga practices may in fact seem to begin with the body - but the transformations are much deeper. Each of the techniques that we teach, aims at amplifying the natural healing intelligence that is already present.

Teaching us the value of emotional stability and prioritising the present moment.

Thus being able to identify our limitations and create the courage to cross them with care.

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