Dr Nicola Steward

"Wowsers! Yoga with Jess is definitely an incredible experience and has changed the way I practice yoga.


I’ve been doing regular yoga for 10years and I’ve never experienced a class with such depth, presence and challenge.  This is yoga on a whole new level and seems to be suited for all ages and experience.

Thanks Jess, your class was inspiring, refreshing and humble."

Annika Glac

"I’ve been a yoga student for many years and recently started classes with Jess.


The combination of the Hatha yoga postures, her guidance, the music and the atmosphere she creates is wonderful and deeply healing.

It’s an experience that nurtures both the Physical and the Spiritual and is the class that I have been looking for.

Deceptively easy, incredibly rewarding. Thank you Jess."

Pek Sim Ng

"I find Jess to be very observant and as I have injuries, she is able to modify yoga positions to cater to the individual.


Jess’ instructions are very clear and precise. I find that since I’ve started, it has brought me focus and clarity.


When combining both yoga with Jess and entrainment sessions with John or Fred, the results have been remarkable and provided me with a huge sense of relief to persistent ailments."